What a country

Allow me to introduce you

To the gates of wonderland

I have had a glimpse


Inhabited by resilient men

And women of valor

Who with pride and dignity

Defend their sovereignty


Stretching from Zambezi to Limpopo

My country is like a river

Flowing but in a route

That is the land of peace and harmony

And tranquillity with hills of gold and silvery diamond shines

My country, what a country


Bowels groaning and bulging with wealth

In coal, gas and tin, not only for today

But forever and ever to come

My country, what a country


A country with fauna and flora

In tandem with peaceful

Nature of natives

Blissful beyond measure, we live

A blessed treasure to life of citizenry

My country, what a country


A tourist destination and homely haven in one

Attracting investment for all to come

With rip and roar of mighty Zambezi

Perched high on the Mosiyatunya (Vic falls)

With head hidden high in thick misty skies of Nyangani


In cloud and rain we wonder of the treasures of and mysteries of Nyangani

I take a deep sigh , rolling in peace and tranquil

I feel the treasure of a loving nation

A nation of pride and passion for patriotism

My country, what a country.

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