Kissing in the rain

Rainy days do not reminisce sunshine.

Imminent rains showers of blessings with you in arms.
Leaning for a kiss with your beautiful cupped in my hand,
Smiling at thunder that tucked you in bed before noon’s end.
Your waist was clanchion to my weary longings,
I smiled like a champion black clouds had a silver lining.
I filed moment in an oblivious mind,but this like word breathes infinite.
Sprouting greens gleamed at beams of grace,
Ours teemed golden with a smile thundering fairness.
Slippery was earth we were flying without wings,
Shivery was the host but utmost joy melted cold irony.
Tweeting birds on errands heired a roaring thunder,
Solid foundations need a drench prescribed.
The feeling immensely tense lips cannot describe,
Conversation was silent lip to lip leaped chit chat,speak
Eavesdropping could drop the dearest tone ears closed,
If ever the rain could shine melted rays of light,
misconception blotted would not question blesssed celestial option.
This love that sprouts thirsts more than it colds,
Grief’s plause in drenched caves fades if heaven confides in ours.
If heaven pronounces us one and from battling heatwaves we’ve won,
in hailstorms atmospheric fairies will cast fortune’s wand for ours cleric.
Mud slippery slips at rushhours when serenity sleeps,
the clergy weep outdoors is a peep through crystal glass,
The farmer sings abundant oblation obscuring selfish mourns.
Two lovers drenched kiss in sling shot torrents that fall giant yearns,
Lipstick erodes and lips speak discord not a passive soul denotes,
Proficient love efficient distorts want for shelter a basic need for those without.
Love floods we drown canoeing with eyes closed, our canoe aimed at roaring falls.

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