teejay-20161115_032434The mentapho in my poem,you the lyrics in this love song, a happy ending in a ferrytale, whats love? baby you the answer to this undiciphable parable of ages, like magic your love is the answer to my prayers, you give me the charisma to carryon, light in the darkness you the source of hope in this cold and hopeless world.

You quench my desires, desires that burn like hell fire, touching you on delegate spots is what i desire, quench that fire till i retire, mytre for love ama die for you like Romio, please excuse my hands, im so tempted to touch and that gives me pleasure from pain, from the debris of hate i found santuary in your worm, kind loving heart, you my remedy please sooth this bleeding heart cupid’s spear just gored to the core, im pleading.

You the antidote to my shaken ego,
You’ve shaken me though, im i whipped i sometimes ask my self, you the hex in this love portion the drug im so adicted to is your love, so obssed i cant live without you, without you, without i act rackless like a psycopath, lonely and horny like a demon in the exile, im longing
You so so lawless, the unconditional love you give me left me clueless, numb and dumb like a medieval colosious of a nude saint,
Then i daydream.
Then i wet dream like an adolesent with a wild voodoo.

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