Loving the one I hold


If i let you go i’w find another like you
but she wont be you.
If you slip from my arms resisting ecstacy,
opportunity like this might be,but past today,
“now” flies with time.
If your smile frowns and memory captures foul,
tommorow’s laugh fades yesterday’s woes,
but fading colour is colour,oblivion never optional.
When i hold you tightly in arms it is not that my arms are empty,
My arms spare a place called “yours”,desolate without you,
full of yearning it hurts but i squeeze you in.
When i ask you out it does not mean i’m destitute,
when i give you my time it is not that my watch ticks per mine tock,
Destitute is when your arms guest my belonging,
Time tock ticks when I and you combined be selfishy
call us “I” ,two made one cleric in greying complacency.
When I call you my rose do not ponder upon its thorns,
at times u prick but you adorn with petals red red,
your fragrance suffocates pricky memories,
you are my rose Mary.
When dedication’s genesis is “Said I loved you but i lied”,
do not conclusively tag me a liar there is more to song than
synopsised assumption, “this is more than love i feel inside”.
Misconceptions concieve barrenness,i love you.
Do you know what I mean when i say I love you,
and I portrait you in a million semantics?
I mean i cannot define love,but love defines us,
confines us and I,love, and you phrase our fate
predestined to be “I love you”.
Do you know why i smile ironicaly
when goodbye streams tears to your beautiful?
It is not manly fortitude,passion turns infantile old age.
As soon as i turn my back Hercules drowns in a puddle.
I love you more than love hates defination,
I lust you but i love you more.


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