The eye of the world

Over the millennia’s  various tribes, creeds and colours have been brought together by one aspect of life ,religion. It being a part of each and every races’ culture , has grow immensely and has spread throughout the planet with both positive and negative effects. As much as religion is practised in all parts of the world , some individuals seem to stray from the path of following religious beliefs.

As children, we are all introduced to the churches that our parents were introduced to by their parents and so it goes. Screenshot_2017-03-13-13-15-40Only a few decide to discover churches of their own if not satisfied by the ones they already attend. Some also decide not to partake in any church at all, these people are referred to as heathens.

As time progressed from the medieval period, churches have sprouted at an alarming rate and to this very day ,continue to do so. The sad part about some of the churches nowadays is that not all of them are for the principle of worshiping the Lord ,but are a platform for making money from the offerings made by the people who attend. This tarnishes the purpose of a church.

Another sad fact is that people nowadays are searching for miracles making them a target for imposter priests and prophets. Such people are likely to fall victim to rape or money laundering by the so called ‘priests’ and ‘prophets’ of modern days looking for ways to make a quick buck. Certain practices introduced by some of these upcoming priests and prophets are used as a tactic to lure followers to attend their churches.

Not all churches are structured to worship the Lord and this is a fact that many will not come to terms with. As much as we all would hate to admit it, we are living in dark times ,meaning we are at risk of falling in the clutches of unholy entities which roam the earth. A number of churches are already under suspicion of worshiping the dark side and are being used to lure people into unholy acts leading the world into further chaos.

By Douglas

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