We think of dancers as entertainers. However, their success stories are often more motivational than entertaining.

Though only 19 Munashe Goromonzi is not too young to inspire.  At the age of 11, Munashe well known as Spokey  submitted herself to a dance group Elysium Magna. Just as her mother had wished even before she was born. As a grown-up, she addressed many social issues through her performances and formed a nonprofit society for some parts of Zimbabwe. IMG-20170313-WA0008

Art forms? she inspired many. Perfect as her life was, she was started to learn in 2008 that she had breast cancer. Needless to say, she went through immense physical and emotional turmoil during her battle against the lethal disease and in all that, dance was her biggest weapon. In 2009, the ‘Cancer Conqueror’ rediscovered herself as a motivational speaker with her famous TED talk.
Still with Elysium they did a collaboration with Chipawo where she was seen as the main actor and the most  out standing  entertainer  of them all.  This year 2017 we are waiting to see more from Spokey as she will be in Manchester,  where she went representing Elysium Magna – Zimbabwe  in arts.  

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