My life my concern

It took me a while to realise
that most friends are just a diguise
pretty buried up in lies
all they do is marginalise
in this world there about few allies
i realised it’s time to take nobody’s advice.
From now on my life i personalise
for those left behind i apologise
it is my high chance to arise
to reach my potential in full-size
though it doesnt matter lengthwise
in doing so i dont wanna overemphasize
cause im not looking for a prize
or make an uprise
misleading people this is goodbyes.
All you did was critisize
my well being you brutalise
the brutality it terrifies
my good faith you wanted to demonise
All demons in JEsus name i baptise
if dont know him I’ll evangelise
in his name all demons are vapourised
With JEsus a good future i visualise
my prosperity i maximise
The bible as the main source of advice
Christian minded friends quilifies
IN that way we formalise

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