The value of loss

The value of loss is nought,
The treasure in most an ounce,
The gems in one regarded not,
An ounce they know when plenty…,
When all in one often spread is gross.
Humanism has norms defining is it?
When all is given-disease,
In men deceit and malice,
From honesty desist…

Gordian knots tied by love is blind,
Entangling flinty lusts and luck,
Love was blind when in matrimony
She chose you, and adjoined two and five
And of seven, she expected one.

Imperfections blamed on humanism,
Purity expected of saints born human,
To love without stumbling exes’… blocks I mean,
To live in utopia in this, in this wretched hide,
Skeletal beauties the same, but the frame,
Considerate of grimaces that mess my mind when she smiles,
A mess I am expectant of an alien touch in a world a ball,
Kicked by fate’s left expected by luck’s myth and my destiny a mirth,
Conspiring against blind love his lusts sought an optician,
But love he ignored in twelfth street a beggar without,

Love’s eagle eye chose two from as far as the West is from us.
Taboo was when she gave her heart to him, and blood cascading from honest palms,
I do was honest, idle was the thought of candour in Candice he thought as a human would,
Till she proved him right when all right he had left and by night she fled far from fetch.

The dilemma –He walks into a jewelery shop and seeks a diamond ring, he meets a diamond,
She reaches for a hug, the he now owning restricts by a diamond eye of jealousy,
Lost in dirt two diamonds both dirt, scraping scavengers exhuming for play,
Two met with foibles, love imperfect they misconceived to be foul play.

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