When death devours our friends so dear for a time for our lives we fearfb_img_14827411950134556

But fear melts away when sorrow and grief appear and death doth sneer
The memories of moments denied to spend with our friend so dear haunt us still
But regret revives not the corpse once a human so dear for the corpse lays still; no more to breath for breath escaped our friend so dear
The life once jovial insipid becomes, when in retrospect our long lost friends reappear, but the grave mercilessly still wore a frown
We ponder upon the smiles once shared that slowly drown
Brown dust claims the retrieval of dust to dust and dust to dust returns but the portraits of a friend long gone remain clinging to our minds flooded with pain
Death upon pain mercy bestows, live pain still, the living torment
When breath temporarily in us abides, partiality the heart should shun for the grave treats all creatures alike no sirs or madams but all manure.
All crowns are laid down when death demands, no factions against death in the grave can thrive, but pride and authority death deprives.
Our friends so dear if thine ears could see to this speculation you could agree.

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