River Mary spilling from Lust dam’s back flows,

Marry a River flooded meandering
parting men from homes.
River Mary my thirsts and family waved all adios,
Merry a river, merrier by deposits of hearts from tear soaking eyes of breaking families.
Mary a river, gathered of bygones rot, I had been warned
A sip of you, a craving increments;
A thirst routine; a crave for thirst,
But six swam in you and pissed,
Another gulped and spat.

From zeniths high I took a dive to land in you
Merry you flowing ‘merries whorific’,
Tears you spilled of grief and joys,
Not a taste could tell there is no difference between you Marrah’s bitterness,
Wise men from the East loved and captured moments.
Bungee jumping tourists in mid air screaming “terrific!”,
Another sought fish and cast a hook clad, in you
Another selfish cast nets and trapped life in you,

Whose messiah is in your womb River marry?
I see seeds of different balls swimming in your womb
So many men drunk of your bitter water
It tasted matured ale yet the wires of their brains loosened after the drink
You murder families
Your waters are not life but blood drip down your legs as you kill foetus of men in your womb
River marry floats of dead foetus but still she giggles like a virgin

Wise men of the east are made
fools when you squeeze their shoulders
The star that guides them sits on the bar’s roof were you flow peacefully
Your waves are echoes to the ear whose eyes has not set on you
Whose blood veins has not been induced of your lusts
River marry is poisoned
Who squatted on it as though in the bushes and left of their smelly green heap
Typhoid has hit the city
Your breasts ooze honey that turn men into babies
Your nails dig into the hearts of the human race and never regret of the engraving of pain you leave
You use blood to write your chirography
A diary of conquest
A black crown of the evil mermaid in you floats on your tummy
River marry drinks gore

River marry murders in kisses
River marry kills in loving making
River marry buries in ecstasy of her squirting
Her tears are spirits that feed on other woman’s joy
“Men are foolish”
She says cushioning her head on his torso
“The evil reign”
She utters when her teeth meet gold on her fingers
Slowly her waters turn bloody
She murders ceremonially to appease the breathe she takes every second


By Agrippa N and KudsyValor

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