Who had a dream

On a rainy night, the sky so blue
Under the covers of care, I met you
Strangers to each other, path seemed so hollow
Never knew for years, we were to follow
Seconds to hours and days to weeks
Around the clock it started to reach
With the passing days the expanse of sea
Squinched to a drop, you were in air around me
Though a virtual meeting, I could sense the vibes
That rained through stars, changing my life.
The system chuck everything up for me…forced me to change dreams as much as i changed underwear…stole my hope and my innocence…innocently i stole…didn’t want to but how could i survive if i remained innocent…I could have been a doctor…my dream was to touch lives…dead or alive…but the fees dropped me from high school…ohh I however became a doctor…on the street corner I can doctor you any lie…examine you from afar…make a daignosis of what you lack and prescribe to you a stolen phone…or I am a doctor indeed…the system done, made my friend a doctor of any man’s privates…on the street corner at night she senses your sexual deficiency…she prescribes her opened legs and you get sexual healing…her dream of being a nurse came true…that old man’s up and down is a dream come true she is a night nurse… I danced with the memories, everytime it rained
Nurturing your words, smile I feigned
Swaying across a diversion appeared
Demanding my strength, so thought of u, I cleared
U were my weakness, only my heart knew
Cloaked it from world n my shadow too
For the time that came I turned into new, yes we had dreams…we still have dreams…the system rapes us and stills some of them…we get up wipe the dirt of our elbows and dream some more, The words I heard knocked hard upon me
Flooding me with feelings, I longed to see.

By Aleck keiter and Kwathini Bhila
#A. T.. M and #grunker

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